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Five Things To Know About the Transportation Market

We spoke with Joe Venturella, TTI vice president, transportation business unit, and asked how buyers in the transportation sector can best prepare for 2015. Here are five things to know about the transportation market in the new year. CS: Do you have a general outlook for 2015? JV: We see continued growth in the transportation market segmentRead More

Cold-Formed Connectors Boost Electric Vehicles

Power connectors have wide application in the growing electric vehicle market. Producing them via cold forming could deliver multiple benefits, including enhanced part quality and less metal waste. Tighter regulations on CO2 emissions mean that even Formula 1 cars must now be more fuel-efficient – proof, if it were needed, of the inexorable rise of sustainabilityRead More

Automotive Market Maintains a Steady Pace

The electronic content in light vehicles is increasing, just one reason why the automotive market maintains a steady pace. Bishop tracks 12 companies in the automotive market sector. This market has had slow, steady growth over the last four quarters, as measured by these 12 companies’ revenues. In 2013, these companies grew 0.3% year overRead More

Aluminum: The Wiring Material of the Future

Lightweight aluminum wiring can replace heavier copper wires in the wiring harness, but aluminum is a demanding material. TE suggests considerations that could help make aluminum the wiring material of the future. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. In the car industry, this lightweight material is in the process of replacing copper in power cables. ThereRead More

Amphenol to Acquire Casco Automotive Group

Amphenol announced plans to acquire Casco, which manufactures data connectivity, power, charging, and sensor products. Amphenol Corporation entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Casco Automotive Group, a division of Cap-Con Automotive Technologies Ltd. (Cap-Con) for approximately $450 million (subject to customary closing adjustments). Cap-Con is owned by a private investment fund managed by TheRead More

Q&A with TE: Cable and Assemblies for Transportation Applications

Representatives from TE Connectivity’s Automotive Cable Assembly Product Team answer your questions about cable and assemblies for transportation applications. Q: What are the key areas of transportation that are driving the development of new cable products? A: Infotainment systems, hybrid and electric mobility, driver assistance, driver safety, and human machine interfaces (HMI) are all contributing toRead More

Problem Solved: TE NanoMQS Miniature Automotive Connectors

TE’s NanoMQS miniature automotive connectors address the need for increased density and reduce the footprint on the PCB by about 50%. TE Connectivity expanded its MQS product group, which is used by most European vehicle manufacturers as well as others worldwide, with a miniaturized version. The NanoMQS system’s capability for small wire cross sections down toRead More

What’s Driving the Electric Vehicle Market?

First designed more than 100 years ago, electric cars are making a “comeback.” So what’s driving the electric vehicle market? Electric vehicles were all the rage 100 years ago. They were quiet, reliable, and did not require strenuous manual cranking or shifting. They ran 35 to 50 miles between recharges, with some able to runRead More

Convergence in Self-Driving Vehicles

The latest automotive technology is sensor-based, but to make self-driving vehicles a reality, technology convergence is necessary. This article, based on research by KPMG, sheds light on what may be next in automotive connectors and other technology. This article is excerpted from a white paper published by KPMG. Can we build a safe, self-driving vehicle?Read More

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