M12 and M8 Connectors: The Perfect Choice for Industry’s Harsh Environments

M12s and M8s deliver even in the most disruptive conditions. These workhorse connectors are available with extensive options that serve many different industrial environments.  Challenging Conditions  Today, electronic connections and communications are needed in harsh environments at sea, in space, and in various conditions on Earth. These activities include manufacturing, robotics, agriculture, food and beverageRead More

M12 and M8 Connectors: The Perfect Choice for Harsh Environments

Water, dust, and mud present challenging conditions for vehicle and equipment electronics in transportation, agriculture, and other off-road and outdoor operating environments.  Modern industrial operations that feature outdoor installations and equipment depend on resilient and reliable electronic connections to facilitate communications between equipment and operators in harsh environments. Industries such as agriculture, food and beverageRead More

Connectors for IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 Applications

The proliferation of connected technologies is placing new technical demands on industrial connectors. Higher speeds, higher frequency performance, and reduced form factors are required, along with ruggedness, reliability, and immunity against electromagnetic interference. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the wireless interconnectivity of electronic devices ranging from appliances and vehicles to building control systemsRead More

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