L-com Right-Angle USB Cables Address Confined Space Applications

By Cable Assembly Supplier | February 08, 2013

L-com Right-Angle USB Cables Address Confined Space Applications

L-com has expanded its line of right-angle USB cable assemblies to address confined- and tight-space USB connectivity applications.

L-com has added 18 new configurations to its highly successful right-angle USB cable series. These new angled USB 2.0 cable assemblies feature every right-angle combination off-the-shelf. L-com’s specialized USB cables solve difficult connection issues in tight places. Each cable assembly is constructed with USB 2.0-compliant cable with 26 AWG power leads and features 30 micro-inch gold-plated contacts, which provide reliable connections even with repeated mating cycles. Additionally, eight lengths are available for each series, ranging from 0.3 meters to 5 meters.

“We were seeing more requests coming in for different right-angle combinations that became custom cable orders,” said Steve Smith, product manager. “By adding these additional new configurations to our stock product offering, we can provide faster delivery and easier ordering for our customers.”

The angled USB cables are now available for shipment and can be ordered directly from L-com or from L-com’s authorized distributors.

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