Problem Solved

Problem Solved: Flex Connectors Increase Up Time at Ford Plant

After experiencing numerous costly downtimes, Ford turned to Remke for an alternative to the hard-wired cable that connected its welding robots.      Sudden downtime of an automotive assembly line can be costly. Industry experts estimate that downtime can cost a manufacturer as much as $1 million per hour in lost revenue. Ford Motor Co.Read More

Problem Solved: Small-Diameter Cable Technology

To increase the capacity of their networks, service providers are deploying more and more fiber. While that keeps pace with the demand for bandwidth, it creates another set of problems. TE Connectivity’s solution is small-diameter cable technology. The following white paper excerpt was provided by TE Connectivity. Business and residential subscribers all over the worldRead More

Problem Solved: TE NanoMQS Miniature Automotive Connectors

TE’s NanoMQS miniature automotive connectors address the need for increased density and reduce the footprint on the PCB by about 50%. TE Connectivity expanded its MQS product group, which is used by most European vehicle manufacturers as well as others worldwide, with a miniaturized version. The NanoMQS system’s capability for small wire cross sections down toRead More

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