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What are Hermetic Connectors?

Meet the Connector: Hermetic Connectors Hermetic connectors are completely sealed against ingress of air or liquid using a glass, ceramic, or composite sealing device or material. Hermetic sealing offers the highest level of protection available against air, gases, chemicals, moisture, debris, and other contaminants. It is an essential feature for many harsh environment connectors, particularlyRead More

Connector Housings Provide Crucial Component Integrity

Also known as shells, backshells, blocks, or bodies, these sub-components are much more than just a simple piece of metal or plastic. Housings are the metal or plastic portions that encompass the raw connector. They may also be referred to as shells, backshells, blocks, or bodies. But let’s not oversimplify things. These sub-components are muchRead More

2021 Connectivity Components: Everything but Connectors eBook

In our eBook collections, Connector Supplier typically shares technical expertise on our central focus, connectors. This time, we are spotlighting everything but connectors. 2021 Connectivity Components eBook A wide range of components and technologies work alongside, around, and inside of connectors to give designers more flexibility, improve system performance, make installation and maintenance easier, andRead More

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