FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA

FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA is the next-generation PwrBlade connector, and it offers a 30% reduction in contact resistance. FCI introduced its PwrBlade ULTRA, the next generation of PwrBlade connector. These power distribution connectors offer a 30% reduction in contact resistance, which results in increased current-carrying capacity in a smaller form factor. These new connectors have anRead More

Connector Technology Highlights from DesignCon

Bob Hult reports on the connector technology highlights from DesignCon, especially the race to 100+Gb/s. The DesignCon 2014 conference and expo once again demonstrated the event’s value as the premier showcase for high-speed chip, connector, and PCB board technology. Featuring a full schedule of well-attended technical sessions over four days, a sense of excitement andRead More

Molex Mega-Fit Power Connectors Offer High Current-Density with Small Footprint

Molex Mega-Fit power connectors deliver cutting-edge 23.0A in a 5.70mm pitch for virtually any general market application. Molex continues to build on its innovative family of power products with the Mega-Fit power connector. This wire-to-board, mid-range product line fills a significant power void in today’s interconnect marketplace by delivering 23.0A in a small 5.70mm footprint.Read More

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