Other Cable Assemblies

ept’s Flexilink Jumper

ept’s flexilink jumper provides a dense PCB connection with an operational current up to 8A. The flexilink jumper, ept’s latest connector innovation in press-fit technology, offers the highest flexibility for various applications, with the lowest consumption of PCB space, current capacity as high as 8A per pin, and easy processing without soldering. The flexilink jumperRead More

Q&A with TE: Cable and Assemblies for Transportation Applications

Representatives from TE Connectivity’s Automotive Cable Assembly Product Team answer your questions about cable and assemblies for transportation applications. Q: What are the key areas of transportation that are driving the development of new cable products? A: Infotainment systems, hybrid and electric mobility, driver assistance, driver safety, and human machine interfaces (HMI) are all contributing toRead More

Inter-Vehicle Jumper Systems for Rail Transport

Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must withstand a diverse array of electrical, mechanical, and climatic conditions. Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must be capable of withstanding a diverse array of conditions, so the system’s design must consider the flow of current and the resulting heating, vibration, bending, and torsion, as well as ambient temperature, ballast strikes, weathering,Read More

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