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How to Specify Nano-D Connectors

Ideal for small, rugged applications such as non-industrial robotics, here are some tips for how to specify nano-D connectors.   Nano-D connectors are often designed for use in small, rugged robotic applications beyond industrial environments. Within these applications, the emphasis on a smaller and lighter form factor intensifies. A key consideration is whether you can useRead More

The Evolution of Circular Connectors

To meet the need for higher-speed data collection, transmission, and storage, circular connectors are downsizing to serve changes in instrument and product designs. Omnetics’ Bob Stanton traces the evolution of circular connectors, and forecasts future developments in high-speed systems.   Today’s electronic circuitry is changing rapidly to meet our demand for higher-speed data collection, transmission, andRead More

Connectors at Work: Industrial Robots

We’re introducing a new feature in this issue. “Connectors at Work” highlights a specific application and explains which connectors are most beneficial for system performance. First up, Bob Stanton of Omnetics looks at industrial robots.   Industrial robotics are helping to revive automated manufacturing significantly. The development of new end-of-arm (EOA) instruments enables systems that can handleRead More

Omnetics Nano-Strip Connectors

Omnetics’ Nano-Strip connectors, at .025″ pitch with high-reliability pin-and-socket systems, offer proven reliability in extreme environments. Omnetics’ high reliability Nano-Strip connectors, with ruggedized insulators and military-quality Flex Pin technology, provide the best and strongest strip-style interconnections in the world. These units have proven signal integrity and reliability in many of the most demanding instruments, including portable electronics for armedRead More

Omnetics Miniature Cables And Connectors

Omnetics miniature cables and connectors improve high-density circuit performance. Omnetics has launched a line of micro and nano interconnects with shielding that reduces EMI in tight spaces. The connectors offer low profiles, lighter weights, and good connections for most routing signals in small electronics and modules.  The cabling to the connectors can be specifically designed to protect both cableRead More

TE’s CeeLok FAS-T Nano Circular Connector Delivers 10GB Ethernet in Lightweight Package

TE’s CeeLok FAS-T nano circular connector expands its high-speed, harsh environment offerings for military, commercial aerospace, and marine/offshore applications. TE’s CeeLok FAS-T nano circular connector, a nanominiature, rugged I/O connector capable of meeting 10 GB Ethernet performance, provides a proven, noise-cancelling contact configuration that minimizes crosstalk, making it ideal for a variety of markets andRead More

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