Lighting Connectors

TE Low-Profile Hermaphroditic Connectors

The new TE hermaphroditic connectors are low-profile board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors that are ideal for lighting applications. TE announced its low-profile, surface-mount technology (SMT), miniature hermaphroditic connectors. The connectors are designed to provide power between adjacent linear LED lighting strip modules and enable faster and more efficient connections by allowing customers to mate and unmate linearRead More

TE LUMAWISE Zhaga-Compliant LED Holder

The TE LUMAWISE Zhaga-compliant LED holder offers solderless and snap-in features that simplify manufacturing and installation for lighting applications. TE Connectivity announced its new LUMAWISE Type Z50 LED holders. The holders join the LUMAWISE family of products, which offers a solderless, easy-to-assemble termination solution for the LED lighting marketplace. Today’s design engineers want the most efficient, cost-effective,Read More

Design Tips for Better LED Connector Selection

LED connectors are not the “sexiest” of design components in a lighting fixture, but they can have a major impact on thermal path design, efficiency of production, and LED fixture certification time. Avnet’s Mark Mousseau shares design tips for better LED connector selection. Design decisions in the eco-system of an LED fixture are numerous and haveRead More

ERNI Compact Cable Connectors for Lighting

ERNI compact cable connectors for lighting are ideal for compact as well as electrically and mechanically sophisticated designs. With the MaxiBridge (2.54 mm pitch) and MiniBridge (1.27 mm pitch) cable connector families, ERNI Electronics offers ideal solutions for compact as well as electrically and mechanically sophisticated designs, such as those found in modern lighting technology. Read More

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