LEMO OT Series Watertight Connector

By News Release | February 09, 2015

The LEMO OT Series is a watertight connector that uses the company’s original push-pull technology.

LEMOLEMO oT Series watertight connector announced a new watertight connector, the OT Series, which is ideal for defense/security, test and measurement, medical, and other applications. The OT Series connector is a small, watertight connector that uses the original LEMO push-pull technology.

Based on the LEMO B Series, the LEMO OT Series watertight connector includes a special construction with an inner-sleeve and extra sealing to enable IP68 water protection. The OT Series is available in two- to nine-contact configurations. Contacts can be terminated by soldering to the wire, crimping onto the wire, or directly to a PCB. A keying system ensures correct connector alignment and the connector outer shell offers full EMI shielding.

It is backward-compatible with the B Series, with the same receptacle panel-hole diameter, which will benefit customers who want to upgrade their existing designs. The connector outer shell is available in black-chrome finish or plated brass, which makes the product ideal for defense systems such as aircraft communications, land vehicles, night-vision equipment, simulation, or personal battle equipment, as well as in the test and measurement and other industries wherever the environmental conditions require ruggedized equipment.

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