JAE Electronics USB Type C Connector Family

By News Release | July 14, 2015

The new JAE Electronics USB Type-C connector family offers all the features of the USB 3.1 specification as well as a friction lock, EMI reduction, and power delivery.

JAEJAE Electronics USB Type C Connector Family has debuted its full line of USB Type-C connectors. Based on the USB 3.1 specification that defines the next generation of USB connectors, the JAE DX07 offers all the features this new standard has become known for, including:

  • Small form – Marginally larger than micro USB 2.0 connectors used in today’s phones
  • High-speed data transmission – At 10Gb/s, one  of the fastest small-form connectors available
  • Power – Up to 100W
  • Reversible design – Connects in either direction

“We were one of the first interconnect companies invited by the USB-IF to participate in the development of the USB Type-C connector,” said Glenn Griffin, vice president, JAE Electronics. “Our people know first-hand the enhanced capabilities of this new standard and we are excited to be among the first to offer a full line of these components.”

Additional features of the USB Type-C connector found in the JAE DX07 family:

  • A friction lock housed inside the connector is not visible or exposed to the environment, presenting a much cleaner-looking plug/cable connector.
  • Special ground spring contacts connecting the plug and receptacle shells substantially reduce EMI levels.
  • Most legacy connectors require some modification to facilitate power delivery, but Type-C connectors transmit higher current without modifications because they divide power over several contacts.
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