Hirose I/O Connector for Cable and Docking Stations

By News Release | February 02, 2015

The Hirose I/O connector for cable and docking stations features a unique contact structure that offers 20,000 mating cycles.

HiroseHirose I/O Connector for Cable and Docking Stations now offers a rugged I/O connector that combines small size and light weight with high reliability and long operating life. The compact 3800 Series I/O connector is designed for cable and docking station applications within consumer, industrial, medical, and point-of-sale (POS) markets.

A highly durable and reliable contact structure provides stable contact resistance and eliminates contact stubbing, even with 20,000 mating cycles. The unique spring contact structure also prevents contact buckling and reduces contact shaving.

The 18-position 3800 Series I/O connector utilizes a sequential mating system that, when connected, establishes a ground system first to protect vital internal electronics from a potential surge. A pushbutton locking system with tactile click ensures that the mating process is properly completed.

Protecting against rough mechanical operation, the 3800 Series I/O connector features a thick metal shell that covers the contact housing. The metal shell also provides EMI protection.

Designed to simplify assembly, the new 3800 Series connector has a one-piece, molded plastic hood for easy attachment. The plug assembly eliminates the need for overmolding, reducing assembly time and cost.

“The reliable 3800 Series I/O connector is designed to handle the wear and tear of frequent mating cycles. Tested to more than 20,000 mechanical operations, the size, weight, protective sequential mating system, and rugged metal shell make the 3800 Series connector ideal for handheld and portable devices,” said Rick van Weezel, vice-president of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

The I/O plug is available in a cable mount or as a vertical PCB version, ideal for cradle applications. The cradle version features a staggered PCB layout that allows for easy solder joint inspection.

The 3800 Series I/O connector has a rated current of 1.5A for contacts one and 18, and 0.5A for contacts two to 17. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the 3800 Series connector has a rated voltage of 125VAC.

This compact connector measures 34.1mm x 23.6mm x 9mm, and is ideally suited for use in POS terminals, wireless radio communication devices, tablet PCs, medical handsets, digital cameras, and personal navigation devices.

News Release
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