GTK USB Type-C Product Family

By News Release | September 08, 2015

The new GTK USB Type-C product family includes connectors, cable assemblies, and adaptors.

GTKGTK USB Type-C Product Family launched a new range of USB Type-C connectors, cable assemblies, and adaptors.

The new USB Type-C connector can be used to connect both hosts and devices, and its reversible plug orientation and cable direction means it no longer matters which end of the cable or side of the connector is plugged in to the device. The slim and sleek design of this new connector makes it ideal for use in emerging consumer electronic applications, and it is sufficiently robust for use in laptops, tablets, and larger platforms. USB Type-C connectors can support the latest USB 3.1 specification, which offers data transmission speeds of up to 10Gb/s (20 times that of the USB 2.0 specification). The connectors also support the USB power delivery specification, delivering up to 100 watts of bi-directional power which dramatically reduces the charging time for devices.

GTK’s product range includes USB Type-C connectors, adaptors, and custom cable assemblies. The connector comprises a mid-mount PCB receptacle for use on equipment. Compact USB Type-C-to-Type-A adaptors are available for connection to legacy devices. Overmolded cable assemblies can be formed with USB Type-C connectors at both ends or adaptor cables with USB Type-C plugs to an alternative USB or other I/O connector interface. All cable assemblies are custom-made to customers’ specific requirements in terms of connector-type and color and can incorporate company logos.

“While this is a relatively new connector specification, we are already experiencing demand from our OEM customers and it is easy to understand why,” said Caroline Ebbage, business manager for connectors at GTK. “There is a considerable installed base of Type-A and Type-B connectors in the marketplace, but there are significant benefits in switching to the new USB Type-C connector for new product designs. The combination of the reversible design and the ability to support the new USB 3.1 specification results in a pocket dynamo of a connector that is small in size but transmits data and power at impressive levels.”

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