New Microwave and RF Advances Impress at IMS2024

The technical advances showcased at this year’s event were outstanding. More than ever, IMS is much more than an exhibition. The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, held June 16-21, 2024, in Washington, D.C., combined the RFIC, IMS2024, and ARFTG conferences. The event brought together the foremost entities in the global RF industry, from ICs toRead More

High-Resistance Optical Cable Takes Flight in Mach2

Optical cable is known for its speed and capacity to handle large volumes of information. However, its use in extreme conditions poses a particular challenge. Optical cables have the speed and capacity to handle large volumes of information, making fiber optics the media of choice for high-speed data transmission across markets. However, its use inRead More

What is multimode cable? 

What is multimode cable?   Meet the Cable: Multimode Cable Multimode cable is a type of fiber optic cable designed to carry multiple light modes or paths simultaneously, enabling high-bandwidth data transmission over relatively short distances, commonly used in data centers and local area networks. Optical fibers were first developed in the 1950s and 1960sRead More

RTK Increases the Precision of GNSS and GPS

GNSS and GPS modules are smaller than ever, enabling them to be designed into moving assets, track individual people or animals, and identify precise locations. Yet these systems require coordination with real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections and other technologies to achieve centimeter-level precision. GPS (Global Positioning System) was the first satellite navigation system to be developedRead More

What are 4.3-10, 2.2-5, 1.5-3.5 connectors?

Meet the Connector: 4.3-10, 2.2-5, 1.5-3.5 Connectors The size of the connectors has often determined the footprint of antennas and base stations. As demand for miniaturization increased, the 4.3-10 connector system was designed to be smaller, while maintaining excellent electrical performance and lowering passive intermodulation (PIM). 2.2-5 and 1.5-3.5 followed as even smaller versions forRead More

Construction Vehicles Go Electric

As the construction industry embraces electrification, OEMs are discovering it’s not as simple as repurposing the technology used in passenger vehicles. Connector suppliers are addressing the unique challenges this shift entails.   The off-road transportation sector, which includes construction, mining, and agriculture vehicles, is embracing electrification due to the benefits it affords. However, certain challengesRead More

Electronic Housings for the Off-Road Vehicle Market

Off-road conditions subject electronics to a wide range of stressors. To ensure reliable, seamless integration into off-road vehicles, design engineers should look for special features when specifying housing systems.   Electronic housings designed for the off-road vehicle market face a unique set of environmental factors that most electronic housings are not designed to handle. ToRead More

What’s the Forecast? New Connector Industry Sales Report

Bishop & Associates’ latest market research report looks at the future of connector industry sales across regions, markets, and product types. After a year of strong single-digit growth in 2022, no one seemed surprised that connector industry sales would decline in 2023. With industry sales performance based strongly on location and market sector, the EuropeanRead More

What are EWIS connectors? 

What are EWIS connectors? Meet the Connector: EWIS Connectors EWIS connectors and cables are components used in the Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) of an aircraft. The EWIS represents a unified approach to aircraft wiring design that encompasses all the wiring, connectors, terminals, and related devices necessary for transmitting electrical power and signals, and carries informationRead More

Advanced Packaging and Silicon Photonics Extend Moore’s Law

Approaching the physical limits of traditional silicon chip technology, many predicted we would soon witness the death of Moore’s law. Multi-chip advanced packaging and the rise of silicon photonics offer a path to resuscitation. Not long ago, the consensus among many engineers was that the practical limits of shrinking semiconductor chip features had been reached,Read More

Fighting e-Waste with New Greener Materials for Interconnects

New processes and products are leading the way as the connector industry looks for solutions to the problem of electronics waste. Electronic waste (e-waste) is the world’s fastest growing solid waste stream and its harms include the introduction of as many as 1,000 different chemical substances into the environment, including microplastics, neurotoxins, and airborne particulateRead More

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