Creating Ideal Connectors for Rugged Conditions

As the Internet of Things extends into rugged territories, the connector that fulfills every requirement for some applications in development may not yet exist. That’s where customization comes in. Rugged connectors — power, signal, fiber optic, and hybrid — are designed to withstand extreme environments. No one-size-fits-all solution is available in this diverse market. MostRead More

Rugged Connectors Expand into New Applications

5G and the Industrial Internet of Things are pushing advanced electronics into rough new territory. Rugged connectors can provide the robust connectivity needed, although sometimes a custom connector is required. Rugged connectors come into play when electronic equipment is designed for use in an extreme environment. This can be broadly defined: Extreme conditions may beRead More

Counterfeit Connectors: A Matter of Life and Death in the Medical Device Industry

It’s imperative that medical device manufacturers use authentic connectors. Counterfeit connectors and other fake components can pose serious risks to patients, providers, and companies. Counterfeit connectors are always a problem. When they are used in medical devices, they can pose a serious risk of harm or even death to the patients who use them. OutfittingRead More

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