FCI Develops Surface-Mount DDR4 DIMM Socket

By Cable Assembly Supplier | November 30, 2012

FCI Develops Surface-Mount DDR4 DIMM Socket

FCI announced that samples of its vertical, surface-mount DDR4 DIMM socket are now available. DDR4 is the new generation of DDRx memory that will enable next-generation systems to achieve higher performance, increased packaging density, and improved reliability with reduced power consumption. FCI’s design objective is to achieve full compliance with standardized mechanical, electrical, environmental, and signal integrity performance requirements as those connector specifications are developed, finalized, and published by JEDEC.

While FCI’s initial DDR4 socket samples are designed for surface-mount termination, plated-thru-hole solder and press-fit termination types are also under development, and evaluation samples of those product types will be available in the near future.

“Leading server manufacturers are increasingly seeking DDR4 connector samples to support their early design and validation activities in anticipation of Intel’s commercial releases of the Grantley server platform and Haswell server processors in early 2014, and FCI is moving quickly to support those developers,” said Jeff Wu, FCI product manager.

The dual-row connectors provide 284 contacts on 0.85 mm pitch and are designed to accept DDR4 memory modules that conform to JEDEC MO-309A. The slim connector housing and ejector designs optimize airflow, and the 2.4 mm module seating plane in the connector minimizes the overall height with a memory module installed. Several color options are available for molded housings and ejectors to give system designers the capability to color code the DIMM slots on motherboards or other system boards.

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