Modern Hyperboloid Contacts for Circular I/O Connectors

When choosing modern hyperboloid contacts for circular I/O connectors, the specific requirements of the application are key considerations.   Circular connectors are ubiquitous in medical electronics, instrumentation, and military and aerospace equipment. The round configuration lends itself to input/output applications that see frequent mating and un-mating. Plug and receptacle alignment is intuitive to enhance ease of use.Read More

Five Things To Know About the Transportation Market

We spoke with Joe Venturella, TTI vice president, transportation business unit, and asked how buyers in the transportation sector can best prepare for 2015. Here are five things to know about the transportation market in the new year. CS: Do you have a general outlook for 2015? JV: We see continued growth in the transportation market segmentRead More

Q&A with TE: Cable and Assemblies for Transportation Applications

Representatives from TE Connectivity’s Automotive Cable Assembly Product Team answer your questions about cable and assemblies for transportation applications. Q: What are the key areas of transportation that are driving the development of new cable products? A: Infotainment systems, hybrid and electric mobility, driver assistance, driver safety, and human machine interfaces (HMI) are all contributing toRead More

Q&A: TE on the Future of Optical Technology

After two years of incubation and development, TE Connectivity (TE) unveiled the company’s latest advancement in fiber optics: Coolbit optical engines. TE’s Nathan Tracy answered our questions about the future of optical technology. CS: Rather than build an optical engine using off-the-shelf components, TE chose to differentiate its products by focusing the design on the twoRead More

Dr. Bob Q&A on Ferrules

Dr. Bob Q&A on Ferrules The following question didn’t fall into Dr. Bob’s area of expertise, but Bishop & Associates’ Karl Jalbert, offered this response. Dear Dr. Bob, Why hasn’t the industry considered moving away from the ceramic ferrule to the borosilicate glass ferrules? Working as a DOD contractor, we have almost exclusively used theRead More

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