Connectors in the LED Lighting Era

Components for LED lighting connections and controls have evolved alongside current bulb options. Lukas Muth, Product Marketing PCBs and Connection Technology, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany The emergence of LED technology spurred a rapid transformation in the lighting industry. At first, preexisting solutions from the fields of device connection and control technologyRead More

No Silver Bullet for Vision System Connectors

Like any aspect of machine vision, cable and connector selection is driven by speed and economy. Customers demand longer, faster, and cheaper cabling solutions, but aren’t always happy about adopting yet another new connector or protocol.   No Silver Bullet for Vision System Connectors The stringent demands of vision systems vary depending on distance, cost,Read More

Railway Cabling Systems from a Single Source

Manufacturers of rolling stock require high-quality electrical connection systems, and there is increasing demand for custom-tailored railway cabling solutions from connector manufacturers.      Like those in traditional mechanical engineering fields, manufacturers of rail vehicles face the increasing challenges of higher costs and time-to-market pressures. Electrical connections and cabling are one area where they canRead More

Evolving Rail Designs Compete for Space

With new electronic technologies aimed at growing US rail ridership, physical limitations challenge system engineers to adopt greater flexibility in interconnection requirements.      Designers seeking new opportunities for competitive advantages in railway vehicles are constantly imposing greater demands on electrical and electronic system interconnections: Wi-Fi connectivity helps attract and retain ridership; infotainment screens enhance the riderRead More

M12 Versus RJ45 Ethernet Connections on the Factory Floor

When it comes to surviving in a hostile plant environment, few would argue against the superiority of the M12 connector system over the traditional RJ45 connector and socket, according to Dietmar Röring of Phoenix Contact.   Ethernet has become a viable alternative to fieldbus systems in industrial networks. Ethernet can also be combined with existingRead More


The METZ CONNECT M12 D-Code plug is field-assembled for PROFINET and Ethernet IP applications. METZ CONNECT now offers the M12 Category 5 plug with D-coding, which is designed for assembly in the field. The four-pole D-coded M12 plug was developed specifically for Industrial Ethernet applications that require a robust and reliable connection. Offering data transfer rates of up toRead More

Molex Brad M12 Power F-Coded Cordsets and Receptacles

The Molex Brad M12 Power F-Coded cordsets and receptacles deliver four times the power and meet the needs of powerful factory automation applications. Molex introduced the Brad M12 Power F-Coded cordsets and receptacles, which feature an industry-leading current-carrying capacity of up to 16A per pin, with a robust, blind-mate key design. Developed to meet the increasing powerRead More

PROVERTHA 360° EMI/RFI M12 Crimp Connector

The PROVERTHA 360° EMI/RFI M12 crimp connector for reliable field assembly provides fail-safe Drive-Cliq connection and secure data transmission. PROVERTHA introduced its new 360° EMI/RFI M12 crimp connector for reliable field assembly of Drive-Cliq systems with an IP67 protection rating (screw-locked). The new M12 cable connectors meet IEC 61076-2-101 specifications and provide fail-safe Drive-Cliq connection and secureRead More

HARTING M12 PushPull Adapter

The new HARTING M12 PushPull adapter enables quick and secure mating in a highly compact design. HARTING’s new M12 PushPull adapter enables the use of unthreaded connectors in existing applications with a standard flange. This means quick and secure mating and a highly compact design for the end user. The unthreaded locking mechanism of the M12 PushPull allowsRead More

HARTING har-speed M12 Panel Feed-Through

The HARTING har-speed M12 panel feed-through with cable for Gigabit Ethernet is immediately operational, offering the user significant time savings. HARTING announced the availability of an X-coded M12 panel feed-through with cable for Gigabit Ethernet applications, which arrives fully assembled to be put into operation immediately. The panel feed-through with cable is available in various lengths to meet theRead More

HARTING M12 Push-Pull Connector for Tool-Free Installation

The HARTING M12 push-pull connector for tool-free installation accelerates installation in tight spaces.  HARTING’s new M12 push-pull connector enables a much higher density of connections on a device. Additionally, the connector can be mounted without tools, by hand, thus accelerating the installation in tight spaces. The M12 push-pull unthreaded locking solution can be plugged rapidly and securely, indicating correctRead More

PROVERTHA 90-Degree M12 Connectors

PROVERTHA 90-degree M12 connectors are fully shielded with eight cable outlet options.   PROVERTHA complements its comprehensive range of M12 connection solutions with fully shielded 90-degree M12 cable connectors that offer eight cable outlet options. With the new connectors, the company addresses applications in automation, control, and process technology as well as in mechanical engineering. The compactRead More

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