great connector inventions

Great Connector Inventions: High-Speed Performance without Ground Planes

FCI took the next step in the development of high-speed backplanes when it developed a cost-efficient way to deliver higher speed and density. While Teradyne and its partner Molex were increasing speed with successive generations of large, expensive, heavily shielded waferized connectors, FCI was listening to its large base of telecom, storage, and low-end computingRead More

Great Connector Inventions: Wafers with Integrated Ground Planes

Teradyne Connector Systems’ innovative VHDM connectors combined ground-plane and lead-frame wafers. You may remember that AMP’s patent associated with the Z-pack 2mm HM (hard metric) with ground planes between wafers was not tooled for the 2mm HM connector, primarily because it was difficult to justify the additional cost and complexity with just two pairs per chicklet.Read More

Great Connector Inventions: Connector “Chicklets” Revolutionize Backplanes

Chicklets revolutionized automation by increasing the overall speed and efficiency of designing in backplane connectors. The Germans are renowned for developing and enforcing mechanical standards that are used worldwide. German companies developed the DIN 41612 connector family and the Eurocard chassis standards, which remain the basis for many other standards, such as VME architectures usedRead More

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