BYORA is the world leader in micro forming technology. Since the company’s inception in 1959, we have provided high-quality cold-formed metal components for electronic connectors, PCB applications, automotive components, medical interconnects, battery technologies (including EV), and more.

Cold forming is a precision manufacturing process that forms metal to required dimensions as opposed to cutting metal to size. This process doesn’t compromise the grain structure of the metal and it results in higher production speeds, little to no material waste, and a stronger finished product.

BYORA’s customers receive exceptional products and service through:

  • An unyielding commitment to R&D to continually advance the technology of cold forming processes
  • Design and manufacture of proprietary in-house production equipment that delivers greater manufacturing efficiencies and cost savings
  • Vertical integration, including tooling design and manufacture, secondary processing, plating, heat treatment, and other processes

Connectors are designed and manufactured at the Fukui Byora Group main facility located in Japan

Japanese production standards are the highest in the world. BYORA’s cold-formed parts exceed even the highest levels of quality, enabling our customers to create exceptional products.

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