VITA: Open Standards, Open Markets

Founded in 1982 as the VMEbus Manufacturers Group, the VMEbus International Trade Association (now know sumply as VITA) champions open-system architectures. The functions performed by VITA: Open Standards, Open Markets are technical, promotional, and user-related, and are aimed at increasing the total market size, providing vendors additional market exposure, and providing users with timely technical information around the world.

VITA’s mission includes not only promoting VMEbus, but promoting the very concept of open technology as embodied in the many standards currently under development within the VITA Standards Organization (VSO). The VITA name is now synonymous with open systems. Accredited as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developer and a submitter of Industry Trade Agreements to the IEC, the VSO provides its members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards.

VITA’s continuing goal is to unite manufacturers and users through the acceptance and implementation of open technology standards.

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