Schurter Compact Filtered Inlet Boasts Maximum Attenuation

By Cable Assembly Supplier | December 17, 2012

Schurter Compact Filtered Inlet Boasts Maximum Attenuation

SCHURTER’s latest 5123 series filtered inlet adds enhanced filter performance to the already successful standard version 5120 series. The higher attenuation in the same compact dimensions is designed to meet the continually increasing demands for interference suppression of IT, medical, test and measurement, and industrial equipment.

The new 5123 series filter combines an IEC power inlet and a line filter, designed for nominal currents up to 15A. The combination power entry module integrates the EMC filter directly at the line input, providing an optimal effect on electromagnetic compatibility. The broad metal flange features a large contact area, which further optimizes filtering and shielding effects. The filter’s increased inductance achieves a 6 dB improvement in asymmetric attenuation, compared to the 5120 series and similar products on the market, corresponding to a doubling of its attenuation characteristics. Thus, the high filter performance makes the 5123 series well suited for applications such as switched-mode power supplies, where the utmost interference suppression is required.

The 5123 series is available for snap-in, screw-in, or studded assembly. Screw-in assembly from the back is particularly attractive for a plastic chassis with interior metal layers. Connections are made with quick-connect, solder, stranded-wire, or PC board terminals. The PC version features snap-in feet for secure PC board mounting. The stranded-wire version enables customer specific fitting for a full cost-effective solution.

The 5120 and enhanced 5123 are designed for operating current levels up to 10A at 250 VAC according to IEC and 15A at 125/250 VAC according to UL. They are cURus- and ENEC-approved. The two series are offered in standard and medical versions suitable for use in IT applications according to IEC 60950, and medical application according to IEC 60601-1. Versions for V-Lock cord retaining systems are also available.

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