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Five Things to Consider When Specifying Custom Cord Grips
Customized cord grips meet unique application challenges and provide additional benefits including easier installation, reduced maintenance, and higher reliability.
Mark Sweeney, President and COO of Remke Industries
Cord grips provide the means for passing cord or cable into an enclosure, through a bulkhead, or into a control device like a switch. These grips prevent cable pull-out or premature fatigue because they secure the cable where it enters the enclosure or where it’s terminated into a hardwired application. First used during World War II, cord grip applications have evolved from strictly dry to both dry and wet locations as more and more industrial facilities required products capable of withstanding increasingly harsh environments with conditions ranging from challenging space limitations to contact with corrosive chemicals.
Just as electrical connectors have evolved to meet customer needs that extend far beyond what standard products could accommodate, cord grips have become more customizable as well, resulting in countless options, add-ons, and material combinations that make achieving a successful solution for any application possible. Now, the right cord grip — when customized to your exact specifications — can help prevent failure and increase connection reliability no matter what environment you’re working in.
Remke’s industrial-strength RSR Strain Relief Cord Grips prevent cable pull-out, control arc of bend, and provide rugged environmental protection in harsh-environment indoor and outdoor applications. Many sizes, materials, and options are available in stock, and custom options are available in both small and large runs.
Customized cord grips can be modified a lot or a little, depending on your specific connector needs. Some changes are relatively simple, like modifying a stock product with minor alternations, while others, like adapting materials, threading, plating, or anodizing, or adding custom markings or labeling, are more involved. Experienced cord grip manufacturers can also engineer fully-custom solutions built to satisfy each and every one of your application specifications. The sky really is the limit!
So, don’t settle for standard cord grips when there are so many options for customization available. Consider these five aspects of custom cord grip selections and then reach out to your preferred supplier to achieve an optimal solution.

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