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• Locknuts, which can be added directly to the connectors rather than sourced separately
• Molded Rubber Cones, which protect cables and connectors from damage resulting from bending and
flexing strain at connection points and helps prevent pull-out
Nickel-plated aluminum cord grips offer a lightweight, low-cost alternative to stainless steel, provide excellent corrosion and wear resistance, are rated for -40°F to +500°F, and are suitable for food processing equipment. Anodized aluminum cord grips offer another option for enhanced corrosion resistance.
4. Special Threading
Several different kinds of threading are available to create the perfect, reliable seal for any cord grip. These include:
• NPT, or National Pipe Tapered threads, which are an American standard for tapered threads on threaded pipes and fittings and, unlike straight threads, are designed to pull tight for a closer seal1
• Pg, which is an abbreviated form of panzergewinde — a technical thread standard that was established in Germany and is used to join pieces of electrical conduit and cable glands
• ISO Metric, which are the most commonly used type of general-purpose screw thread worldwide.
• NPS,orNationalPipeStraightthreads,whichhavethesamethreadangle,shape,andpitchasNPTthreads, but are straight rather than tapered2

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