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1. Material Selection
Th choice of cord grip materials is typically application driven, as it’s dependent upon environment and use. The six materials most commonly used for cord grips are:
• Die-Cast Zinc, which is good for light-duty environments, including residential and commercial applications
• Aluminum, which offers excellent machineability, durability, and performance and, as a result, is the most
common cord grip material
• Nylon, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and is lightweight, yet durable
• Steel, which offers better tensile strength than aluminum for added durability in demanding applications
• Valox, which provides superior corrosion resistance, is suitable for use in FDA washdown environments
• Stainless Steel, which offers exceptional tensile strength and provides the highest levels of durability in severely corrosive environments
Remke’s large-size (3–4”) cord grips are suitable for a wide range of harsh-environment applications. Standard offerings include multiple sizes of machined or cast aluminum cord grips with optional wire mesh, stainless steel cord grips with optional wire mesh, and jacketed MC cable connectors, single-hole neoprene bushings, multiple hole bushings, and silicone bushings, and virtually unlimited customization opportunities.
2. Wire Mesh
Adding wire mesh to a cord grip can support the weight of vertical or sloping cables by distributing stress over a large area. This distribution prevents excessive strain and cable pull-out, as well as damage to wire, cable, and flexible conduits.
Cord grips with mesh are built to perform their task over an extended period of time without loosening their hold. Wire mesh can be added to most standard metallic or non-metallic cord grips. A variety of wire mesh materials are available as well, including non-magnetic tin-coated bronze, stainless steel, galvanized steel, plastic-coated galvanized steel strands, non-metallic strands, and other custom configurations.
3. Custom Components and Cord Grip Add-Ons
Another part of the customization process is choosing from a variety of cord grip add-on options, including:
• Multiple Hole Bushings, which terminate several cables and conductors into a single cord grip with one simple fitting to reduce equipment, cost of labor, and space
• O-Rings, which seal out the elements in both indoor and outdoor applications
• Nickel-Plating, which improves corrosion- and wear-resistance and provides better lubricity without the
expense of stainless steel
• Anodizing, which ruggedly resists corrosion and wear, prevents galling, and improves heat dissipation

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