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                                                                     2. Application
When working with a connector manufacturer to develop a custom solution, it is important to share the application details as well as the desired specifications. When everyone involved has a comprehensive understanding of how, where, and why the connector is going to be used, it creates an opportunity to discuss ideas and experiences, expose anomalies, disclose specific design challenges, and proactively identify resolutions to potential problems. Open lines of communication and transparency between manufacturers and design engineers can make a big difference in project outcomes.
Positronic can customize connectors to meet a wide variety of application requirements.
3. Configuration
Connector configurations, including connector size, insulator materials, the number and type of contacts, mounting options, and several other characteristics must conform to the design and performance demands of the project at-hand. Connectors also need to adhere to certain standards, even if that means delivering connectivity in non- standard ways.
When specifying a custom connector, it’s important to provide your manufacturing partner with some basic configuration information to start with, such as the desired mechanical dimensions or, at a minimum, the space constraints, the number of signal and power lines required, the current and voltage requirements, and the termination type, as these factors will drive development and define characteristics like contact arrangements. It is also important to discuss any standards requirements and desired accessories, like backshells, locking mechanisms, polarization, and color-coding features. If you have design ideas or rough drawings that illustrate these elements, you can share them with your manufacturer to help
  A custom D-Sub connector developed by Positronic.
communicate your vision.
4. Pricing, Lead-Time, and Volume
To help ensure a successful custom development, you should also consider the project cost, lead-time, and volume. Manufacturers must include engineering design, production set-up, and quality assessment requirements in the scope of the project to accurately
 Custom Connectors for a Wide Variety of Applications
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