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and fairly estimate costs and lead-times. If these factors aren’t addressed up front, they can add unexpected costs and extend lead times.
Custom connectors can be costlier than standard, off-the-shelf solutions, but the wide range of custom solutions available — extending from modifications of existing products to clean-sheet designs — means that isn’t always the case, and the benefits of receiving exactly what you need for your project almost always make up for any additional costs, and especially when they’re accurately projected.
A manufacturing partner with demonstrated expertise in custom connector designs, good communication skills, an established development process, a comprehensive understanding of your application and any specific configuration requirements, and a good reputation for high-quality products and effective customer service will do their best to help you achieve the best solution at the lowest cost. For example, suppliers that are well versed in manufacturing the type of custom connector you’re seeking can recommend alternate materials, configurations, volume adjustments, and other design decisions that can bring custom solutions closer to cost parity with standard solutions while satisfying your specific design and performance demands.
Keeping an open mind about using custom connectors in any industry, for any application, and working closely and collaboratively with your chosen connector manufacturer is sure to result in creative, cost-effective, and desirable application-specific outcomes.
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