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Waterproof Connectors for Portable Devices
Kensuke Oe, Senior Sales Manager at Yokowo America Corp.
Spilling a drink or splashing water on portable device chargers and ports has long resulted in inevitable device damage. However, the increased prevalence of these devices — especially in the consumer, medical, and industrial markets — and the commonality of their exposure to harsh-environment conditions like splashed water or spilled drinks, has led to the development of waterproof connectors that can both protect these devices from ingress and provide several other useful benefits.
Environmentally sealed spring contacts, or pogo-pin contacts, can offer waterproof protection, critical space savings, and proven high-reliability performance in a range of harsh-environment applications, and often at a lower cost than alternative solutions, which is especially attractive for consumer electronics designs.
Standard Pogo-Pin Connector Designs
Pogo-pin contacts consist of three primary parts — pins, tubes, and springs — and provide constant lateral pressure against the inside of the tube, which results in steadier connections with better contact resistance than many other types of connectors. Pogo-pin connectors feature a floating contact design that allows them to rotate and slide freely within the housing to provide the exact range of movement required and have easily detachable spring pins to maximize design flexibility. They also eliminate the need for soldering, which significantly decreases assembly time and cost. In addition, they are often electroplated with gold over nickel to achieve high electrical conductivity, increased durability, and corrosion resistant performance required by a wide range of consumer, medical, and industrial equipment.

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