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 Yokowo’s S Series pogo-pin connectors provide easy assembly, high current-carrying capabilities, and waterproof performance, and offer more than 60 unique solutions with IP67, IP68, or IP69K ratings for broad application suitability.
Environmental Protection
The moving-part construction of pogo-pin connectors typically allows for liquids to penetrate through gaps between the pogo pin head and surrounding tube or the small clearance area between the pogo pin and its plastic housing. However, like most connectors rated for use in harsh environments, pogo-pin connectors can be made to provide varying levels of IP-rated protection.
In spring-loaded connectors, this is typically achieved by installing an O-ring between the contact pin and housing for waterproofing, but can also be achieved by reversing the direction of the pogo pins in the housing and incorporating a rubber sheet in the male (or cradle) side of the connector to prevent seepage. These assemblies reduce the need for additional waterproofing and guards in device docking stations and terminals.
This diagram illustrates the basic structure of Yokowo’s patented waterproof pogo-pin connectors.
Recent advancements in manufacturing capabilities have made it possible to develop extremely small diameter waterproof pogo pins with narrow terminal pitches of 2.5mm, which is a significant improvement over previous waterproof pogo-pin connectors and is especially beneficial for meeting stringent size and weight reduction demands in portable electronics designs. Earlier iterations of these designs were most readily available with a 3.5mm or 4.0mm pitch.
Waterproof pogo-pin connectors are now available with miniature pitches down to 2.5mm.

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