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Waterproof pogo-pin connectors also offer excellent durability, delivering up to 100,000 mating cycles in applications with repeated extension and retraction requirements. This capability provides a critical advantage for portable electronic products with detachable parts and high mating cycles. In addition, the pogo-pin contact design provides inherently high and constant mating force, which allows these connectors to ruggedly withstand the shock and vibration commonly experienced by portable and handheld equipment.
Pogo-pin connectors provide numerous design benefits, including design flexibility, reduced installation time and cost, and rugged, high-reliability performance.
Standard waterproof pogo-pin connectors with a rated current of up 2A at 12VAC/DC and rated operating temperatures extending from -40° to 85°C are readily available for purchase, but these devices can also deliver custom current ratings, pin sizes, pin counts, and more to match individual application requirements.
Waterproof pogo-pin connectors are experiencing increased cross-market popularity in response to growing demand from manufacturers of cradle or docking chargers, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, barcode readers, point-of-sale scanners, handheld GPS devices, medical equipment, and more.

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