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 Nicomatic’s 2mm-pitch DLMM Series metallized composite micro connectors deliver lightweight, cost-effective power and signal solutions and meet the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-83513 with superior 360° EMI protection. They are available in several shell sizes with customizable contact layouts, terminations, shapes, and fixing hardware.
Trusted Partnerships
Establishing trusted partnerships with your preferred interconnect solutions supplier can make satisfying a comprehensive suite of application demands — ranging from boilerplate requirements like operating conditions and industry standards to market-specific demands like miniaturization, lightweighting, and high-data-rate performance — significantly faster, easier, and less costly. Close working relationships between device designers and connector suppliers can help prevent or solve any hurdles that arise during the development process and can result in rich collaborations that benefit both parties. They can also make the customization process go much more smoothly when readily available solutions won’t suffice.
For example, one of our customers waited until the end of the device design process to integrate the connectors into the system and found that the remaining space could not accommodate the two separate connectors the application required. Available, off-the-shelf hybrid power and signal solutions also wouldn’t suffice since the distance between the two types of contacts had to precisely match the application demands. Our engineering team quickly developed a custom, single-connector solution that not only met the application’s space and spacing requirements, but also optimized installation and met military requirements, which reduced both the duration and total cost of pre-integration testing procedures.
The first thing to consider when choosing a connector solution partner is the quality of their products, as evidenced by certifications including EN 9100, which recognize the quality and efficacy of organizational structures and production capabilities. It is also essential to find out whether a potential partner could provide qualified standard and custom solutions supported by various test characteristics and reports and whether their products are passed through first article inspection (FAI) processes to avoid any potential mismatch with technical solution requirements. The type and variety of the standard solutions that suppliers offer is important as well, as these demonstrate different technical capacities and production capabilities. The more modular and various the solution ranges are, the more capabilities a manufacturer has, and the more likely they are to be able to provide accurate and optimized solutions that meet your unique requirements. Nicomatic, for instance, offers full in- house manufacturing and design capabilities with short turnarounds, 98% on-time delivery, more than 42 years of industrial experience, and an expansive, high-quality product solutions portfolio, and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and EN9100:2016. Trust and transparency are also key to successful collaborations.
Nicomatic’s extensive range of mil/aero solutions includes EMM Micro connectors, which have a rugged, lightweight construction that’s 20% smaller than standard Micro-D connectors, resistant to a wide range of harsh environment conditions, and meets MIL-DTL-83513 requirements.

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