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 Smiths Interconnect’s SpaceNXTTM Aurora Series Hard Metric Connectors are qualified and tested to the ESA ESCC 3401 standard, which makes LEO design-in both quicker and more cost effective.
Like soldier-worn applications, LEO satellites also require components designed to contribute to significant space and weight reductions, as it costs about $10,000 to put just one pound of payload into Earth’s orbit. The Smiths Interconnect’s SpaceNXTTM Aurora Series is the first and currently only COTS-Plus 2mm hard metric backplane connector on the market that is qualified and tested to the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) European Space Components Coordination (ESCC) 3401 standard. Designed with LEO satellites in mind, it not only addresses this market’s space and weight requirements but is especially designed to help customers reduce their lead- times, lower their total cost of ownership, and help ensure that end products meet all flight requirements without having to fund their own extensive component qualification process.
   Drones are crucial component of the IoBT and rely on a wide variety of high-reliability, high-speed, and harsh-environment connectors and cable assemblies to complete their missions.

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