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challenges of these applications using a variety of different tactics. Some are developing entirely new designs like the Fischer Freedom Series, while others are adding value to an existing design to create a better value proposition like the SpaceNXT Aurora Series, and others are tweaking top-of-the-line designs to meet application- specific demands for size, weight, and performance, like Stewart’s Harsh-Environment RJ45 connectors.
To achieve shorter, more successful design cycles, IoBT device developers should create a roadmap for how to get to market as soon as they come up with their application idea, especially if — as with so many technology introductions — the goal is to be first to market. Working with trusted component manufactures with proven experience in the application or market at hand can allow device designers to outsource a good portion of the development process without stretching their team too thin, since they have the in-house expertise and test data required to ensure success. However, even after designers have partnered with the right suppliers and specified the best connector solutions, they still have to deal with average component lead-times. According to February 2019 data from the ECIA, average interconnect component lead-times currently range from 41 to 112 days, and getting to market first, or even just fast, is generally not compatible with waiting up to 17 weeks for product.
This is where authorized distribution partners can help. By involving authorized distributors early in the design-in process, device designers gain an experienced industry partner capable of providing the necessary inventory within a project’s desired production timeline. Too many developers wait until their production is ready to go before they begin to source inventory, and doing so can be a real detriment. Trusted distribution partners like Kensington Electronics, Inc. are often happy to bring in inventory to support designs before developers’ purchasing departments are ready to place their purchase order. In many cases, this proactive response can cut lead-times in half or even make them non-existent. With distributors’ unique combination of expert engineering support and expansive stock, high-quality support is a given and overall success is all but a guarantee.
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