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Connector plating materials can provide additional protection against EMI/RFI as well and are also available in a variety of materials with unique characteristics capable of meeting a wide range of application- and environment- specific demands. For example, black zinc nickel finish is a cost-effective, sustainable, and RoHS-compliant plating alternative to cadmium, the use of which is strictly limited to an ever-narrowing range of special circumstances due to its toxicity. Black zinc nickel plating provides long-lasting corrosion resistance to exposed connector surfaces used on military and commercial aircraft and is also military-qualified and conductive for EMI shielding, making it a suitable choice for harsh-environment communications applications as well.
EMI/RFI will continue to be a challenge due to the high density of electronics systems in nearly every aspect of modern life, but the right combination of experienced interconnect engineers, systems designers, advanced materials, and innovative designs can provide reliable EMI/RFI protection in even the noisiest and harshest environments.
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