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 ITT Cannon’s TD1 Filtered D-Subminiature Connectors combine the functions of a standard electrical connector with a feed-through filter in a single, lightweight, and space-saving design that meets aerospace and defense industry demands for improved control of EMI/RFI.
1. Experience Matters
Regardless of the type of electronic device, proper protection must be applied to the vital components to achieve optimum performance. Devices that are employed in critical applications, such as military and aerospace systems, must meet more stringent reliability, durability, and performance specifications than their consumer counterparts. The first step to ensuring optimal connector shielding starts with selecting the right design and manufacturing partner. Selection criteria that can help identify suppliers with the right combination of experience and capabilities includes:
• Designers and engineers with both general electronics and interconnect-specific solutions experience.
• Aerospace and defense industry experience and a thorough understanding of its stringent reliability, durability, and performance standards and specifications.
• Proven knowledge of high-frequency, high-voltage, surge suppression, and filtering solutions.
• Experience in the design, testing, and qualification of highly-engineered interconnect solutions.
• The right environment, equipment, and resources to perform the required testing.
  ITT Cannon’s high-density ARINC 600 TBKAD Filter Connector is an established standard for navigation and control system protection in the worldwide commercial aerospace industry. Available with up to 800 Size 22 contacts in a single connector, they provide the highest density pin-outs and deliver system-level EMI protection at the box interface.
2. Multiple EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions
Aerospace and defense system designers rely on connector manufacturers for high-performance, cost-effective EMI/RFI suppression solutions capable of solving complex EMI/RFI electronic issues. A number of proven, highly effective EMI/RFI shielding solutions ranging from external shielding materials to filtering at the connector interface are available, including filters, chip-on-flex technology, and cable assemblies.

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