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With Advancements Come Challenges
The rapid growth of the commercial aircraft market has resulted in much higher demands for mission-critical parts, and this increased demand is creating some serious logistical and design challenges. For example, when an aircraft is experiencing a serious problem that prevents it from flying, OEMs typically rush to get replacement parts to get the aircraft off the ground and back in service as soon as possible, and to prevent further customer delays and cancellations. In fact, these time-sensitive situations tend to be so critical that it is not uncommon for OEMs to pay for same-day shipping.
A similar problem is also common with OEMs involved in building next-generation aircraft. These OEMs often need connectors fast, but often can’t afford the risk of keeping large stocks of connectors in their own inventory. In both cases, the rapid delivery of quality connectors shifts from being an added bonus that OEMs look for in suppliers to a critical requirement. So, it’s important for aviation designers to have reliable interconnect partners they can trust to support them in times of chaos and urgency.
Another issue regularly encountered in the world of commercial aircraft is when commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products fail to fit an OEM’s design or application requirements. In these cases, commercial aircraft companies need suppliers that can provide both COTS products and custom products with fast turnaround times. So, it’s also important for aircraft OEMs to partner with connector suppliers that have proven expertise in the aviation industry as well as the ability to build custom connectors.
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