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 PEI-Genesis offers Amphenol Pcd’s Luminus Series connectors, which are lightweight, cost-effective, and scoop-proof in addition to being highly reliable and easy to use. They are also RoHS compliant and blind-mating compatible.
Control Panels require connectors that can deliver the electrical performance needed in the limited physical space available. High-speed split-pair quadrax contacts, which consist of an outer contact with four inner contacts spaced in two 100Ω or 150Ω controlled impedance differential pairs and are compatible with harsh-environment MIL-DTL-38999 connector lines, are a popular solution for aircraft control panels. Rack-and-panel connectors designed to meet strict ARINC standards for use in cockpit displays, avionics bays, and radar systems, are another optimal solution.
  Ideal connector solutions for aircraft control panels include quadrax contacts and connectors and rack-and-panel connectors, like ITT Cannon’s BKA Series ARINC 600 connectors, which are designed to meet strict standards for aerospace applications. The series is compatible with blind mating and both front- and rear-release contacts and is available in environmentally sealed and unsealed three- and six-gang configurations with up to 800 contacts.
Aircraft Engines and Boosters are harsh-environment aviation applications with no room for failure. High- performance EN2997 connectors, which provide improved performance over even standard high-performance MIL-DTL-83723 connectors, are often the solution of choice for these applications, as they are designed to withstand high vibration, EMI, and extreme temperatures. They also feature robust locking mechanisms and shell-to-shell bottoming for enhanced performance.
   PEI-Genesis offers TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH 983 Series EN2997/BACC63 connectors, which provide anti-rotation features, reduced elastomer barriers for use with both newer and older generation wires, and shell-to-shell metal bottoming, and are also qualified to Aerospace Defense and Security (ADS) ESC10 specifications.

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