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                  With More than 6 Billion Components
in Stock, There’s a Good Chance
TTI has Exactly What You Need.
At T TI we just moved into our new custom-built 800,000 square foot distribution center. More than 6 billion parts, over 650,000 part numbers, zipping along miles of conveyors, pulled from acres of multi-story racks stocked with the parts you need. T TI has more specialized inventory than anyone in the business – from capacitors and resistors, to connectors and sensors, on the shelf and ready to ship. And now, we have even more of it.
Call your local T TI Specialist at 1.800.CALL.T TI or check us out online at, chances are we have the components you can’t find anywhere else and our dedication to service makes sure you don’t have to go looking. 1.800.CALL.T TI
A Berkshire Hathaway Company

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