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Specification Tips > Connector Characteristics
Five Things to Consider When Determining Connector Operating Voltage (Fischer Connectors) Five Things to Consider When Specifying Metal Contact Materials (SOS Engineering, Inc.)
Specification Tips > Application Areas
Connector Contact Materials for Elevated-Temperature Applications (Materion Corporation)
Selecting Printed Circuit Board Connectors for Harsh Environments (TE Connectivity)
Meeting Medical Market Demands for High-Density Electrical Connectors with Standard and Custom Solutions (ATL Technology)
Three Connector Considerations for Autonomous and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications (LEMO USA, Inc.)
How to Specify Rail-Industry Ethernet Networks: Five Key Considerations and Why Connectors Are Critical (ITT Veam)
Three Things to Consider When Choosing Connectors for Critical Mil/Aero Applications (Nicomatic) Waterproof Connectors for Portable Devices (Yokowo America Corp.)
Five Unique Characteristics of Micro-Coaxial Cable Assemblies (I-PEX Connectors)
The Differences Between MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, and III Connectors (Air Electro)
Specification Tips > Custom Solutions
Common Misperceptions of Custom Connectors (Phoenix Contact USA)
Four Considerations for Custom Connector Specification (Positronic)
Five Things to Consider When Specifying Custom Cord Grips (Remke Industries)
Designed and manufactured by leading industry experts, these connector and cabling solutions deliver the versatility, reliability, durability, innovation, and peak performance required to satisfy challenging application demands across various markets.

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