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SOS Engineering produces custom connector pins and sockets for a wide range of harsh-environment and mission-critical applications using advanced design and manufacturing techniques that quickly and reliably achieve cost-effective, high-performance solutions that meet application-specific design and performance requirements.
SOS produces precision-tuned metal parts of
all shapes and sizes using the latest Swiss-made precision screw machines. Parts include connector pins and sockets, coupling nuts, and more with diameters spanning 0.0100–2.000”, heat treating and zone annealing, and selective and overall precious- and semi-precious-metal plating.
Smiths Interconnect’s KVPX Series High-Density Shielded Connectors offer modular, high-speed solutions for differential pair architectures on a 1.8mm x 1.35mm grid, employ proven 0.40mm Hypertac® hyperboloid contacts, ruggedly resist shock and vibration, exceed NASA outgassing requirements, and can scale from 80Mb/s to 10+Gb/s.
MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors are among the fastest and lightest-weight ruggedized backplane connectors currently available. The modular series has durable quad-redundant contacts, supports 25+Gb/s, conforms to VITA 46 standards, and is ideal for embedded computing and VPX applications in extreme military and space environments.
   TTI, INC.
TE Connectivity’s INSTALITE molded boots with Rayaten shielding provide 70+dB of attenuation from 3kHz to 1GHz and EMI continuity from harness braid through backshell, are environmentally sealed, support easy installation, resist abrasion, chemical damage, and cracking, and are available in an extensive range of configurations.

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