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CBDD Series Combo-D Mixed-Density D-Sub Connectors are designed to mix signal, power, coax, high-voltage, and fiber optic contacts, offer four shell sizes with size 8, 16, or 22 contacts and wire or PCB terminations, are rated for 50A, 300V working, and 1,000 mating cycles, and are ideal for mil/aero and industrial applications.
Radiall’s extensive range of Mil/Aero Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies are compact, lightweight, high- density, high-quality, and high-reliability, and ruggedly withstand shock, vibration, corrosion, pressure, humidity, temperatures from -55°C
to 125°C, and other environmental extremes in applications including radar and avionics.
Radiall designs and manufactures end-to-end optical links for massive data transfers in harsh environments. D-Lightsys® transceivers end optical links at the board level, convert electrical signals to optical ones and vice-versa, and offer data
rates up to 10+Gb/s, as well as a broad range of electrical and optical interfaces.
SIEMON INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS Siemon’s fully shielded Category 7A S/FTP TERA outlets are amongst the highest performing twisted- pair copper connectors available on the market and, when installed as part of a complete TERA solution, can deliver up to 1.2GHz of bandwidth ¬per pair, exceeding the bandwidth of Category 7A/Class FA specifications.
SIEMON INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS Siemon’s fully shielded, Category 7A, 1,200MHz end-to-end cabling solution features individual foils around each twisted pair coupled with an outer braid, exceeds all ISO/IEC requirements for Cat 7A/Class FA transmission performance, and is qualified for mechanical reliability in high- temperature environments up to 75°C.
Smiths Interconnect’s new split-pair quadrax
contact technology features individual twinax pairs within the quadrax format, reliably supports data rates exceeding 10Gb/s with stable characteristic impedance (100Ω), is compatible with existing space- qualified D-Subs, and complies with MIL-STD-202 shock and vibration requirements.

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