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DLMM Series Metallized Composite Micro Connectors deliver lightweight, cost-effective power and signal solutions with superior 360° EMI performance equivalent to MIL-DTL-83513G metal connectors, a 2mm-pitch, and a built-in backshell with a central quick lock, and are available in various sizes, layouts, and terminations.
OMNETICS CONNECTOR CORPORATION Omnetics Cobra Connectors deliver high-reliability power and signal solutions in demanding portable and body-worn defense electronics. They are rugged, lightweight, and low-profile, secure, easy to mate and clean, and fully shielded, and are sealed to IP68, non-magnetic and non-spinning, and rated for 10,000-cycle durability.
    OMNETICS CONNECTOR CORPORATION Bi-Lobe® Nano-D horizontal, single-row, SMT connectors have an ultralow 3.3mm profile, a very tight 0.64mm pitch, and high-reliability, gold-
plated Flex Pin contacts that meet MIL-DTL-32139 requirements. They are rugged and lightweight, available with 5–51 contacts and threaded mounting holes, and are pick-and-place compatible.
FilConn’s Ruggedized RJ45 Conversion Connectors allow users to convert the standard commercial industry interface into a mil-spec quality design with mil-standard crimp contacts designed to carry Ethernet signals across any platform and a one- piece IBP design that provides EMI shielding and environmental protection.
Positronic M24308 D-Sub Connectors are a reliable, compact option for achieving space and weight savings. They have solid, machined contacts, operate in temperatures from -55°C to +125°C,
are available with non-magnetic properties, and
are ideal for high-density packages in military applications, such as aircrafts and missiles.
SND Series Standard-Density D-Subs for spaceflight applications offer five layouts with 9–50 size 20 fixed or removable contacts and wire or PCB terminations, are rated for 9A per contact, 300V working, -55°C to 125°C operation, and 1,000 mating cycles, and are qualified to GSFC S-311, MIL-DTL-24308, UL, CSA, and RoHS 5/6 or 6/6.

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