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Specialty Supplier Solutions
Recent testing has shed additional light on the copper cabling standards for connections to TEMPEST and other secure processing equipment. As a result, independent, NSA-certified labs have sprung up to support interconnect suppliers to the mil/aero market and CTTAs responsible for both effectively and cost-effectively implementing TEMPEST-approved networks. Siemon Interconnect Solutions, for example, had a specific configuration of its TERA® Category 7/ Class F shielded copper cabling system tested to TEMPEST emissions requirements by Dayton T. Brown Inc., an independent, NSA-certified lab. This testing validated that the tested TERA cable configuration meets all TEMPEST requirements for shielded cable solutions and also indicates that other TERA cabling would likely meet TEMPEST requirements. Although cabling in general cannot be TEMPEST-approved since the signals and configurations can vary so widely, TERA shielded cabling solutions can now provide CTTAs with a solid starting point for achieving TEMPEST-approved physical protection, and shaving time off of the specification process almost always equates to saving money.
Siemon’s fully shielded Category 7A S/FTP TERA outlets are amongst the highest performing twisted-pair copper connectors available on the market and, when installed as part of a complete TERA solution, can deliver up to 1.2GHz of bandwidth ¬per pair, exceeding the bandwidth of Category 7A/Class FA specifications and providing critical support for demanding applications such as broadband video, high-speed data, and voice applications.
TERA solutions employ shielded and foiled twisted-pair (S/FTP) cable, in which each pair is individually shielded and an overall braid shield surrounds all conductors, in addition to fully shielded connectors to eliminate any potential emissions. For the TEMPEST test, a four-connector, 100-meter TERA channel was deployed in a shielded anechoic chamber. The channel was energized with full duplex, 1,000Mb/s Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) traffic using a Spirent SmartBits multiport analysis system. Emissions from the cabling system were then monitored and compared to the TEMPEST requirements. The TERA cable system’s emissions did not exceed the TEMPEST emission requirements and solidly outperformed the same configuration using a 6A F/UTP system with RJ45 jacks, which emitted emanations exceeding TEMPEST testing limits.
Although the majority of TEMPEST test parameters are classified, the independent testing proved that the combination of TERA cabling and connectivity solutions sufficiently minimized — if not entirely eliminated — emissions when employed as part of a secured network system. As such, TERA cabling systems were deemed suitable for secure data transmission applications like TEMPEST networks, where radiated and compromising emissions are a primary concern. This validation, combined with the TERA system’s rugged design, its effective physical shielding, and its ability to transmit analog, synchronous data, video, other high-speed signals, makes it a satisfactory solution for secure data networks.
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