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 Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ C-ENXTM and C-DMXTM Series modular connector systems provide efficient use of space, reduced weight, and peak performance in demanding applications.
This trend is supported by developments in modular connectors, such as the C-ENXTM and C-DMXTM Series from Cinch, which are designed to support the connectivity needs of the mil/aero market by providing weight and space reductions in addition to peak performance. The series features protective outer shells made from aluminum or nickel-plated lightweight mechanical composites, inserts designed to protect connections from both electrical shorts and environmental elements, and backshells that provide mechanical strength and further EMI protection.
Cinch Dura-ConTM Micro-D with grounding gasket, braided sleeve, and abrasion protection.
Connectors designed for use in the harsh environments commonly associated with military and aerospace applications must be designed to withstand temperature extremes, exposure to chemicals and other contaminants, and electrical hazards like EMI and electromagnetic pulses. Signal density, power dissipation, and size, weight, and power (SWaP) demands are increasingly becoming key design parameters in this application space as well. Through constant innovation and close cooperation with its customers, Cinch is able to meet these ever-evolving market demands with standard and custom products that meet or exceed industry standards.
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