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Due to their unique mission, space connectors must be especially compact, as there is only so much room on a space vehicle. The three main categories of connectors used in spaceflight applications are D-Subminiature, microminiature, and circular connectors. Connector weight is another major consideration since the cost of launching a payload into space is directly related to the weight of said payload, so every single ounce counts. Space connectors must also be extremely reliable, even when subjected to severe environmental conditions including shock, extreme temperatures, and vibration.
Manufacturers that design space connectors must meet the stringent qualifications required for spaceflight applications, which are defined by specifications in the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) S-311 and MIL- DTL-24308 Class M standards, amongst others, and demand ultra-high performance, no outgassing, and low magnetic characteristics, as well as extreme environmental requirements.
Positronic SCBDD Series mixed-density D-Sub connectors for spaceflight applications have a UL94 V-0 flammability rating, and are available RoHS 5/6 compliant. They are available with gold-finish brass shells, four layouts, polyester insulators, and 8–45 mixed signal, power, coaxial, high-voltage, and fiber optic contacts for broad application suitability and critical space savings.
Many manufacturers meet or exceed the standards required in mil/aero specifications, and any who do can provide documented proof to guarantee that customers are receiving connectors proven to deliver the quality and performance required for demanding mil/aero applications. Space connector manufacturers can also provide product prototypes for testing.
When designing for mil/aero environments in which fail-safe performance is the minimum requirement, it is always best to partner with a connector supplier that is easy to do business with and has a proven track record of supporting successful missions.
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