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Future Soldier Systems
The Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) is Changing Connector Designs (Kensington Electronics, Inc.)
Innovative Body-Worn Interconnects Support Soldiers in the Field (Omnetics Connector Corporation)
Wiring the Tactical Vest: Reimagining the Role of Connectivity for Communications, Sensing, and the Protection of Ground Forces (Fischer Connectors)
Air and Space
CIMON Says: Design Lessons from a Robot Assistant in Space (Mouser Electronics)
The Importance of Current-Carrying Capacity, Derating, and Contact Design in Nanosatellite
Applications (Nicomatic)
Choosing the Right Connectors for Modern Aviation Applications (PEI-Genesis)
By the Numbers
Six Crucial Connector Considerations for Military and Aerospace Applications (Avnet) Eight Things to Know About M39029 Contacts (SOS Engineering)
Three Key Considerations When Selecting EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Applications (ITT Cannon)
Five Questions to Ask When Selecting Active Optical Connectivity Solutions for Defense Applications (Radiall)
Specifications and Special Considerations
The Rigor of Mil/Aero Specifications (Positronic)
Overcoming Harsh-Environment Challenges in Mil/Aero Applications (Cinch Connectivity
Shielded, Twisted-Pair Cable Assemblies Provide Critical Support for the Secure Transmission of
Classified Data (Siemon Interconnect Solutions) PRODUCT BRIEFS
Designed and manufactured by leading industry experts, these interconnect solutions deliver the extreme electrical and mechanical performance, rugged durability, and mission-critical reliability that military and aerospace applications demand.

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