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by electrical current traveling across the contact interface, as the transmission accentuates the heating effects associated with the mechanical friction, and can rapidly cause the protective finishes to wear through to the base material of the contacts, which can then rapidly oxidize, causing intermittent electrical interruptions.
5. Ruggedized Mounting/Electrical Connections
Weld- and solder-mount I/O receptacles can contribute to ruggedization, especially in tightly-sealed systems. For general environmental applications, designers tend to select single-hole jam-nut mounted receptacles over multiple-hole box- or wall-mount receptacles due to ease of assembly and superior sealing. Simply put, the more holes you introduce into your box or panel, the greater the odds of suffering an environmental leak.
One of the challenges for I/O connector-to-board terminations is maintaining the electrical “goodness” of the signal. In high-speed systems that have little or no budget for signal degradation, designers sometimes opt for the shortest and most direct board termination. These junctures can be ruggedized by selecting PCB-mount connectors that incorporate auxiliary mounting posts (i.e., threaded attachments) or extremely rugged eye-of- the-needle (i.e., compliant pin) PC-tail terminations. When opting for ribbon wire or flex for final termination to the board, care must be given to ensure that impedance-matching and shielding is maintained from the I/O all the way to the board.
Avnet’s military interconnect assembly centers are fixated on quality, assuring not only certified products but economies of scale with delivery cycles that are often three days or less.
6. The Right Partner
Any component intended for use in a mission-critical or mission-support system has got to perform, and those developed for aerospace and defense systems or subsystems must also meet military specifications to ensure that they can reliably withstand the environment. So, it’s important to select the right partner to help guide solution development. Avnet has a long history of assembling more than 60 different styles of QPL connectors and makes an ideal partner for military and aerospace interconnect needs. Avnet’s military interconnect and cable assembly center is fixated on quality. The company assembles everything from standard part numbers to source control drawings (SCDs), providing single-vendor solutions capable of meeting any need, and its value-add center is ISO certified, ITAR controlled, QPL qualified, and Nadcap® accredited to provide the highest level of assurance for all products and processes.
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