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 The Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG) has been using Nicomatic’s CMM Micro connector range in some of its satellite designs due to its combination of robust materials and advanced contact technology, which is capable of passing more current while adhering to necessary defense performance standards and applications. The 2mm-pitch connector system features extreme modularity with more than 20 million configurations of up to 120 signal, power, and coax pins on one to three rows, is made from rugged PPS material, offers space savings of up to 60% and weight savings of up to 50% when compared to other existing rectangular connectors with similar functionality, reliably withstands temperature cycling between -60°C and + 125°C, and is deliverable within a week with low minimum order quantities (MOQs). In a January 2019 meeting between the two teams, Barthelemy said of the partnership, “We are very glad to work with Nicomatic to ensure high-quality connections between the different elements in our satellites, thus minimizing the risks due to connections and harnessing.”
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