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devices to eliminate cables entirely. The low-profile plug can also be cabled for communications gear and other devices that do not need to be directly connected to the bus for power or signal.
The Fischer Freedom Series LP360 connector enables direct, straight-to-device connections that can completely eliminate the need for cabled connections in some applications and is rated for 10,000-cycle durability in even the toughest environments.
On the battlefield, wearable devices and displays can play a vital role in situational awareness and improved efficiency. Since soldiers’ performance is entirely dependent upon their physical condition, armed forces are starting to equip them with smart biosensors capable of sensing, monitoring, and relaying information about soldiers’ vital signs and injuries. Various types of sensors can be attached to soldiers’ uniforms to monitor their breathing, heart rate, and hydration, for example, and these sensors can now be woven into smart clothing or integrated into tactical vests. Smart clothing’s wireless communication capabilities can also enable soldiers’ location, safety, and potential hazards to be monitored with greater accuracy.
Until recently, interconnected and portable devices have primarily been used by soldiers on covert operations. Now, wired tactical vest technology is rapidly extending the concept of wearables well beyond special forces, to all dismounted soldiers, by making these utilitarian garments more modular, more accessible, more capable, and more affordable.
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