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 The Omnetics Cobra Connector System is especially designed to deliver power and signal to body-worn electronics.
The Cobra Connector System is designed to slide through and attach to standard MOLLE straps on soldiers’ vests and can also be directly integrated into the fabric of soldiers’ uniforms. It has a low-profile form factor with eight easy-clean plunger contacts each rated for 5A on 24AWG wire, employs non-magnetic latching to help avoid crosstalk and interference with other instruments, is sealed to IP68 when mated, and meets NATO Army Armament Group (NAAG) specifications for dismounted warrior programs. The current NATO specification calls for USB 2.0 protocol compatibility, but fluid demands will soon require additional support for protocols including VGA, Ethernet, camera links, and five gigabit digital signal routing.
As the number of soldier-worn electronics devices continues to increase, the electronic specifications for these systems will also expand. The number of contacts will increase alongside higher speed signal processing and imaging demands, and some systems will require varying immersion survival specifications. Omnetics is a key source for the rapid design and prototyping of interconnect systems and is already offering Cobra designs for new chip technology and for downloading high-speed surveillance cameras mounted on helmets without detection. The company has a long history of working with a number of military teams in the U.S and throughout the world and suppling them with innovative, adaptive connector and cable designs.
As the number of soldier-worn devices continues to increase, the electrical and mechanical requirements for the enabling connector and cable technologies will continue to evolve and expand.
Experienced suppliers to the mil/aero market can often quickly modify an existing commercial connector product to meet both military standards and evolving demands for body-worn applications like tactical vests. Modern connectivity capabilities can even support remote collaboration. Many leading suppliers offer online modeling

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